Sunset Hills

Neighborhood Information

Sunset Hills Sales Brochure (approx. 1925)

Community Profile 2016

Places and Times Free Meals Are Served Every Day in Greensboro

Directions to Places Serving Free Meals in Greensboro

Duke Tree Trimming
(includes:  Planned Maintenance, Free Wood Chips and Planned Outage letters,
Kindest Cut and Vegetation Management brochures and Circuit Map

National Register of Historic Places information
Research on Sunset Hills (note: Houses listed by street starting on page 9)
North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office
(click on National Register for fact sheets or Restorations for tax credit information)

Tradespeople Recommendations -- no longer active
Robin Timmins if you would like a copy as of August 2018

Preservation Greensboro's Tradespeople Referrals

Police to Citizen website

Crime Mapping website

Sunset Hills Garden Club

Register Your Property

Sunset Hills Historical Tour 2012

Online City Directories 1884 to 1963

Greensboro Neighborhood Congress

City website

Map of Sunset Hills

History of Sunset Hills

(PDF File)

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